Sunrises of 2014

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I have been playing with sunrises again.  Adjusting white balance and using underexposure as well as HDR and other techno features of some of the cameras. These photos are taken on one of iPhone, iPad, Nikon D810, Nikon D5100 or Cannon G15. No post production other than cropping and resizing. … Continue reading

Photos of Hawk and Great White Heron

Swainson's Hawk Did a couple shots today and yesterday of some local birds. The Swainson’s Hawk is a local hawk that hunts and nests on the property.  This picture is of one circling and hunting.  They love rabbit.

The Great Egret and Great Haron both come in a large white size.  I am not sure the exact type of this one, but what a magnificent creature. Great White Heron



Great Egret Flying


Egret or Heron?

Update: some African bird shots:

IMG_0677a IMG_0697a IMG_0698a

Rand Pipp Intro

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