Sailing Perfect Ride a 56′ Pilot House Ketch

Sailing Caribbean in search of the “Perfect Ride”


In 1999 I started the search for a world cruiser that would allow for several years on the water.  This resulted in several years on a Ted Brewer designed cold-molded 56 foot pilot house ketch that I christened “Perfect Ride”.

The boat was solid. It had a 22″ x 28″ mahogany timber that ran from stem to stern and could ram cement piers (and did once when the transmission failed) with out taking a scratch.  She could sleep 11 and had three heads and a full bathtub.  She circumnavigated a few times prior to my retrofitting her and after a little polish was a trusty home for several years.

Rand Surfing in Slightly Overhead Conditions

She delivered me and my friends to many excellent surf spots.  We experienced some epic adventures at times in perfect conditions and not a soul in sight.  Here is a shot of me entering the close out section at a not-so-secret spot in on Tortola, BVI.  Thank god for the excellent gifts of the ocean’s bounty.    Perfect Ride carried a good quiver and a strong dingy that found it’s way to anchor outside many an excellent session.

Inside, Perfect Ride was warm and welcoming.   With 7+ foot head room, eight foot in places, she was spacious and comfortable.  This following shot is of the Salon where the table would pull out and sit 8 very comfortably.


Perfect Ride Forward from MasterPerfect Ride Salon

Above she was wide and hosted many a dance night in the anchorage.


Sailing Perfect Ride off of Antigua

Sailing Perfect Ride
Fresh Breeze Sailing Perfect Ride

Here I am standing on a dive platform, of sorts, where I made many thousands of dives in to crystal blue waters. Single handing much of my journey, often times it was enough to travel with just a genoa and the mizzen, as in this shot.

You can see land fall in the distance on the right.

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