Mr. Pipp’s successes have included innovations across many industries.

Mr. Pipp has been involved in numerous businesses, from inception, planning, strategy, funding to execution and exit. His hands-on attitude coupled with tireless determination has afforded him many successful ventures.  Listed below is a partial list of  the many accomplishments he is responsible for.

Enterprise Class Transaction Processing System. Designed, developed, and implementated enterprise class transaction processing products for over 20 years. Included front-end, back-end and point of sale. Culminated in the ‘TransWAVE’ system that ran on multiple hardware, operating system and database platforms.  This and earlier systems were successfully sold to startup through Fortune 500 corporations for applications that ranged from check approval, early credit card authorization and draft capture to on-line golfing point of sale/handicapping, ticketing and alarm system management.

First Hosted Internet Storefront. Managed the creation and launch of the first hosted Internet storefront application “MerchantWAVE”. Clients included: Levi Strauss, Ron Jon Surf Shops and Hansen Wholesale. Obtained patent for solution.


First pre-paid Calling Card System.  Took initial concept of point of sale activated pre-paid value cards and specified, developed, tested and implemented both host and point of sale solutions.  Created pilot for customer for proof of concept and then developed system that included transaction processing, point of sale integration, and customer and management information access. System was deployed at over 5000 locations nationally and was eventually sold to WorldCom.



Government Ticketing System.  Designed, developed, tested, documented and implemented a communication and application solution to provide several states with a reservation system for camping.  System provides management and transmission of reservations to remote locations and remote ticketing for hundreds of state parks nationally.  System was developed 15 years ago and is still in use today.

National Communications System. Performed needs analysis, system design, system specification, coding, testing and implementation of a nation-wide fleet fueling on-line transaction processing system.  System supports over 1400 locations nationally and is the first card activated fueling system in the world and is still in use today, 20 years later.

First Multi-National Gaming System.  Negotiated, sold, and built first ever Internet site that offered both pari-mutuel and sports betting to common pool. The solution required the integration of systems spanning 3 countries and provided a unified interface to customers and management.  Initial project took 90 days from specification to on-site installation.

Developed Standardized Procedures and Reporting.  Developed comprehensive board package including financial reports and operations status reports in order to effectively communicate with corporate investors.  This streamlining of  communications resulted in employee alignment with board level directives and management dashboards for early problem detection.

Restructured Organizations.  Created & implemented a matrix business structure to enhance management, controls and reporting.  Included simplified forms that automatically calculated cost allocations and revenue sharing to provide transparency to the impact projects/products would have on the profitability/growth that drove incentive programs. Resulted in immediate alignment of divisional and departmental goals with corporate goals and increased productivity and profitability through better resource utilization and clearer more concise direction and prioritization of resources.

Government Contract Lifecycle Management. Specified and managed the detail assessment of multi-state contract life-cycles to enhance bid close ratio and optimize performance once awarded.  Tools created resulted in corporate wide efficiencies.

Client Care Operation Optimizations.  Developed a systematic way in which customer service personnel handled incoming customer calls, emails and letters, resulting in greater customer satisfaction and retention.