Selected Poems by Rand Pipp


Speed… How fast we go,
But is it the friction that makes it feel so?
If it were frictionless, and the tiredness left,
We could move anywhere… instantly,
Like when we’ve dreamt.

Effortless movement, like water does flow,
Is found by being present now, not tomorrow.
“Presence and Being” … so simple a thought,
Why we add others, is it friction that’s sought?

     – rand pipp March 1999


First Kiss

Swirled energy dancing and light

Soft, sweet, tender and bright

Joyous magic shared in the night

Brings tremors of passion & delight.


Our love sparks the sun to rise each day!

                 – rand pipp,  2006


Open the Flood Gates

My heart opens
emotions flow
I feel a presence
. . . allow it to grow.

Depth and complexity
shadows of sorrow
a basic sensation
. . . full, yet hollow

It yearns for attention
though I let it be
The pain of the world
. . . inside of me.

My eyes deepen
heavy and thick
dry of tears
. . . emotionless?  sick?

A simple cry
would feel so fine
the knowledge lost
. . . by those eyes of mine

Open up heart
swell . . . burnt sensation
fill my body
with restoration

Continual change
evolution in motion
presence each instance
brings forth my emotion

Health is awakened
Knowledge fused
Spirit flows
I emerge, renewed

    – Rand Pipp


Trust with Love,

Trust for all days,

Trust with Soul,

In all things, all ways.


Trust with Family,

In God we Trust,

For Unconditional Love

is trust a must?


Trust to Listen,

Trust to Talk.

Trust yourself,

The paths you walk.


Trust is earned,

Or is it given?

If you love trust,

Can you be forgiven?


If trust is lost,

Like ones virginity,

Can if be found,

or gone eternally?


Trust with Love,

Trust for all days,

Trust with Soul,

in all things , all ways.


For if nothing else,

Trust in this:

All things are perfect,

As “perfect” is.

Rand Pipp May 1999


Golden Glow

From the intimacy of unity

From the inner glow of “whole”

Came a soft luminance

Grown from “collective soul”


With warm radiance of heart

A golden light did shine

From a depth of presence

Our love eclipsed all time


With fullness and perfection

Like being wrapped in felt

In yet another realm

Unconditional love was felt

                     – Rand Pipp 2006


Angels dance
With energetic vibe
Emotional spectrum
Of the enlightened tribe
Born from light
They dance and play
Collective joy
Moving light to sway
Invisible spirits
Brought to our world
Universal energy
Has its truth unfurled
As these angels play
In colored essence
Perfect motions
Bring purities presence
Mastery evolved
Passions brought forth
Offer potentials
Of our experience on earth

         – Rand Pipp –  Angles Dance was written for Ava and her amazing paintings while going to visit her studio in Ramona, CA in 2005.

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