Personal Pillars – Program for Personal Evolution

The Personal Pillars program provides a means for self assessment and radical growth in your well being and health. 

While most of the program is behind paywall, you can find a brief introduction of the personal pillars program by following this link.

About Personal Pillars

Personal Pillars is a structured outline used to support balanced personal evolution. The Personal Pillars structure is based on the four pillars of self:

  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Spiritual

Each of these aspects of self is further defined resulting in a normalized view of self that allows for structured assessment and goal oriented improvement for maximizing your evolution.  Personal Pillars offers a structured taxonomy for discussing the many parts of self relative to self improvement and personal development.

In addition to the four pillars of Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual well being there is a set of five basic traits that impact the four pillars. The pillars and BASICs are detailed below.

Personal Pillars is supported with many exercises. These are applied based on your specific areas of interest and levels of evolution.

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