Innovative Firsts

Mr. Pipp has been an innovator in technical advances in business since 1982. He has lead businesses in creating pioneering systems that are still used today.  Here are just a few of the innovative firsts:

  • First system to support ‘at-the-pump’ card swipe authorization. Designed and developed for Gascard Club in 1982 with the software team
  • First leased line implementation of merchant electronic-draft-capture for Wells Fargo. (Designed for Gascard Club 1983)First system to support telephone initiated ‘PIN-less’ debit transactions. (Developed for Mistix Corp 1988)
  • First home based POS application and system to support secure electronic payments. (Designed and developed for HomePOS 1989)
Dynamic Display of Electronic Catalogs
  • First Point of Sale activated pre-paid telephone card. (Designed and developed for subsidiary of WorldCom) (1994)
  • First Internet retail storefront with micro-payment (1995)
  • First hosted eCommerce storefront service (SAAS) 1994. Patent on dynamically generated electronic storefront (awarded 1999).
  • First secure retail eCommerce payment transaction over the Internet.
    (Designed in part and Developed for CyberCash 1995)
  • First multi-national gaming site that supports both pari-mutuel and sport betting. (Developed for IWN 1997)