The Physical Pillar

Physical Pillar of Self

Your physical well-being directly impacts your emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. Proper maintenance is essential to an energetic experience in life. The physical body also has a memory of it’s shape, diet and activity.  Discipline in these areas keep the body from getting into bad habits.

Physical – Nourishment

Your body needs food and water and breath and touch. All of these are a form of nourishment.

  • Hydration – A lot of water; it’s a food group. The single most important step you can take to better health is to drink plenty of water during the course of your life. Depending on your particular situation, 3 liters a day is minimum. If you are not sure how much you drink, try recording your intake for a week. 
  • Food and
  • Body Touch – Body touch is essential to your physical nourishment.
    Massage, Shiatsu, holding children, love making and hugs.  

Physical -Breathing

Breathing brings oxygen to the brain and other body pats as well as cycles muscular contraction throughout the abdomen and

does micro contractions throughout the whole body. Proper breathing releases tensions and keeps your brain sharper through oxygenation. Globally recognized Dr. Andrew Weil says “If I had to limit my advice on healthier living to just one tip, it would be simply to learn how to breathe correctly.”

  • Depth – The depth and fullness of a breath is important. Breathing deep can relax muscles through the body.
    Breath during stretching can help relax muscles allowing for greater ease in movement. The deeper the breath the greater the movement in target areas. Attention to the pauses between the inhalation and the exhalation allow for greater benefit from breathing.
  • Rhythm – Watching breathing rhythm can offer insight into your state of being. Fast shallow breaths are a sign of stress. Deep long breaths are a sign of more relaxation.
    Manage your breathing rhythms and you can create relaxation in your day and positively effect your attitude. 
  • Control – There are several aspects of breathing: deep/shallow, jerky/smooth, regular/irregular, fast/slow, noisy/quiet, mouth/nose, forced/effortless, voluntary/involuntary, nervous/relaxed, anxious/peaceful, and chest/abdomen.
    Location of attention from the simple passage of air to the awareness of the interaction with the surroundings, from your immediate purview to the completeness of the universe can help you control your breathing. 

Physical – Motion

Get your Move On!
Motion is critical to physical well being

Get your move on.  Being active is an important part of health.  Motion helps your circulation and hence the ability of your body to clean itself and power itself. There are times, when working long hours and not getting enough sleep, that 30 minutes of exercise a day is more beneficial than 30 minutes of additional sleep.

  • Fitness & Exercise – needs definition.
  • Movement Dynamics – This is the Grace and Fret of you.
    Enhance your grace and overcome your frets.  
  • Body Form – This is how you look. This includes how you want to look and the ability to make that happen.
  • Cardiovascular – A key element of physical fitness is to allow your body to be resilient in your environments. Fundamental to fitness is the ease at which your heart can support you and compensate for stress. A key element of total body fitness is qualified by the range of your cardiovascular rhythms.
  • Muscle & Tissue Strength – Walk. Run. Swim. Dance. Cross Train.

Physical – Rest

Sleep, Meditation, Naps and Stillness
Resting with friends

Your body needs rest to recover from the physically active parts of the day.  In fact rest can help your body heal from emotional exhaustion as well as sickness.  Rest is a cleanser that helps you recover and prepare.  Rest in the form or meditation can aid in your ability to listen to yourself and your environment.  Sleep, naps and quiet time are important to the chemical balance of the body.  Certain chemical activity in your body only occurs in states of rest.

  • Patterns – Consistency of sleep effects the patterns that you have. Parties work children pets
  • Forms – Sleep. Nap. Meditation. Stillness.